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Nicole Hamilton

Nicole Hamilton is a certified educator, and member of Dance Masters of Canada, and Dance Masters of America.  As Director of Inica Dance Industries (I Love Dance Award nominee)  (Canada Glass Achievement Award nominee) Hamilton has served as a master workshop leader, choreographer, faculty member, Juror, and mentor at institutes across Canada, and the U.S.A including,but not limited to;  George Brown College, The Canadian Dance Assembly, Ottawa Dance Academy, DOAHL Dance Academy, and Studio de Danse Danielle.  

Hamilton is a recognized Mental Health Counsellor, and the founder of the "Building Your Optimal Health" Workshop series, which strives to educate the dance population at large, on progressive health and wellness measures, integrating teachings on injury prevention, mental wellness, and body image.  She is a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, and sits on the Board of Directors with Healthy Dancer Canada, where she works with a distinct alliance of educators, and health professionals, developing extensive protocols, initiatives, and health screening tools and teaching practices.

Hamilton serves in the media as a Reporter, and Director of Development for "Dance Channel Television" , and is an on air host for CIUT 89.5FM Radio. She has been featured in numerous publications including The Glass Magazine, Crown Culture Magazine, and The GBC Dialog, and has authored several articles for dance journals and newsletters, including "Directives in Dance Medicine"an article produced for Healthy Dancer Canada.

An international adjudicator, award winning performer, and choreographer, Her formal training has included education in multiple syllabi  and methods including R.A.D, D.M.A, C.D.T.A, ADAPT, B.A.T.D, Cecchetti, Horton, Dunham, and D.E.A, creating a vast knowledge base, and approach for the professional curriculum's which she develops.  Her credits include, but are not limited to;  "Private Pain in Public Pews" (2012), "Pieces of Me" (2013), "The Singers" (2014), and commissioned facilitation in Tembisa, South Africa (2015)

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