Toronto Faculty - Margot McKinnon

Margot McKinnon

Margot McKinnon is the President and founder of Body Harmonics, a full service Pilates and movement studio based in Toronto with an integrated health and wellness clinic and an international professional development program.

I’ve worked in the field of movement education a long time including performing artists at various stages in their careers, and my interest in the miracle of human movement just keeps growing! I love seeing people re-discover their inherent strength, grace, agility and power to reboot and heal. I founded Body Harmonics as a place for people to find a new way of being, steeped in the idea that where they start is just right and that we’re there to help them in the way that makes sense for their lifestyle, goals and expectations. That people trust us with their health and wellbeing is a huge privilege and one I feel humbled by every day. Fun fact: I’m a nighthawk and early bird at the same time. Love both ends of the day!

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