Toronto Faculty - Carolina Rotondo

Carolina Rotondo, MPT,Cert MDT

Registered Physiotherapist

Certified in Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy

Since 2010 Carolina has been a member of Healthy Dancer Canada, a non- profit organization that is the Canadian leader in Facilitating communication and collaboration between the dance community and health care professionals in order to enhance the health and well-being of dancers of all ages and genres. As Chair of HDC’s Dancer Screening Committee, she has pioneered the development of a Dancer Screening Tool for health professionals and dance instructors. As part of her extensive experience in performing arts medicine, Carolina has had the immense pleasure of working backstage as an on-site treatment provider for various Broadway and off-Broadway tours that travel to the GTA. In addition, she is a consultant for Canada’s prestigious Ballet Jorgen.

Carolina is MDT certified. Better known as the Mckenzie Method, it allows her ot provide advanced and reliable musculoskeletal assessment and treatment for people suffering with back and neck and extremity pain. In addition, Carolina has gained invaluable experience and enjoys, treating post-concussion syndrome (PCS). She has furthered her education by taking many courses that treat visual and vestibular conditions resulting from PCS.

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