Toronto Faculty - Andrea Downie

Andrea Downie

Andrea Downie is a dance educator, choreographer and kinesiology instructor with 25 years of experience. She is also the President and a founding member of Healthy Dancer Canada. Andrea received her HonBFA in Dance Performance and MA in Dance Studies from York University. She also completed the professional training program at Dance New Amsterdam in New York City and performed with Jody Oberfelder Dance Projects while there. Andrea specializes in motor learning and developed the Multisensory Pedagogical Model for Dance Skill Instruction to enhance dance skill learning. She is one of only a few certified teachers of Simonson Technique in Canada. She is also a certified Level 2 Conditioning-with-Imagery (C-I) Training teacher and the C-I Training Course Administrator. Andrea recently returned to the GTA after living for more than 20 years in BC. She works actively as a guest dance instructor, choreographer and speaker across Canada, enthusiastically sharing her passion for dance with teachers and dancers of all ages, levels and abilities.

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