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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Time Location PLENARY
8:00 am Musco Registration
9:00 Musco Welcome and Introductions - Marc Brodsky, MD, PAMA President, Robin Kish, 2018 Symposium Co-chair; Jennie Morton, 2018 Symposium Co-chair; Dr Daniele Struppa, Chapman University President
9:15 Musco Alice G. Brandfonbrener Young Investigator Award:
The Potential Relevance of Altered Muscle Activity and Fatigue in the Development of Performance-related Musculoskeletal Injuries in Upper Musicians, Dirk Möller, Dipl. Sportwiss., PT
9:45 Musco Synovial Osteochondromatosis- A Rare Cause of Ankle Pain in a Dancer, Bonnie Weigert, MD
10:00 Musco Top Tips to Help You Star As A Medical Provider for Young People Who Perform, Dr. Chris Koutures
10:15 Musco Come Together: Promoting Performer Health Through Improving Social Connection, Susan Raeburn, PhD
10:30 Musco Building a Case Study into a Performing Arts Medicine Program, Vivek Dhungana, MD
10:45 Musco Fatigue During Performance: Meta-analysis and Basis for Predictive Management, J. Matt McCrary, PhD, BFA, BS
11:00 Musco Lobby, Mezzanine Lvl Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break
11:30 Musco Hallucal Sesamoid Injury in Dance, Judith Peterson, MD
11:45 Musco Perceptions and Barriers of Dancer Wellness-Related Curricula in American Higher Education Dance Programs: A 20-Year Update, Marita Cardinal, EdD
12:00 pm Musco Richard J. Lederman Lecture:
Disembodied Brains and Embodied Minds, Dr. Vilayanur S. Ramachandran
1:00   Lunch | Committee Meetings (Education, Membership, Young Professionals - Anyone interested is welcome. Box lunch may be purchased in advance ONLY via the online registration system or bring your own lunch)
2:30 Musco The Prevalence of Hypermobility and its Relationship with Self-reported Injury in Contemporary Dance Students, Anna May Williams, MSc, BA
2:45 Musco Popular Musician Work Stress: A 4 Factor Model, Lloyd Berg, PhD
3:00 Musco Guest Speaker:
The Art of Foley, Michael Lyle (Foley Artist)
3:30 Musco Lobby, Mezzanine Lvl Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break
4:00 Musco Short-term Resource-intensive Prevention Programming in a Music Conservatory: Can it Change Culture? Serap Bastepe-Gray, MD, MM, MSc, OTR/L
4:15 Musco Fight Song on Mute: Pep Band Member Noise Dosage and Noise-induced Hearing Loss Prevention, Evan Edwards, MMEd, BM
4:30 Musco Keynote Address:
A Rock ’n Roll Odyssey, Dr. Scott Powell
5:15 Musco Adjourn
5:15 Performers Court next to Musco Welcome Reception (Guests welcome)

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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Time Location PLENARY
8:15 am Musco Registration
9:00 Musco Athletes and the Arts, Randy Dick
9:15 Musco A Novel Approach to Neck Pain in Performing Artists with Head Pieces: Lessons Learned from WAD, Kristen Sutton-Traina, DPT, MS
9:30 Musco An International Interdisciplinary Educational Initiative to Enhance Health Literacy in Music Students, Bronwen Ackermann, MPH, PhD, PT
9:45 Musco Experiences in Music Performance Anxiety: Exploration into Pedagogical Instruction in Professional Musicians, Julia Clearman, MA
10:00 Musco Non-Laryngeal Surgery Considerations for Singers and Performers, Karla O'Dell, MD
10:15 Musco Keynote Address:
Understanding Vocal Performance in the 21st Century, Dr. Ingo Titze
11:00 Musco Lobby, Mezzanine Lvl Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break
11:30 Musco Panel Discussion: “You Got This” - Managing the Suicide Crisis in the Arts Population, Bethany Bultman, James Blake, Patrick Gannon, Mark Seton
12:30 Musco Guest Speaker:
Anthony De Longis (Fight Director)
1:00   Lunch | Committee Meetings (Research - Anyone interested is welcome. Pre-conference Course Debrief - Faculty only. Box lunch may be purchased in advance ONLY via the online registration system or bring your own lunch)
2:30-3:45  WORKSHOPS (concurrent)
  Partridge 107 Optimization of Pelvic Floor Health in Dancers, Brooke Winder, DPT
  Oliphant Hall 103 –Crean Orchestral Quantitative Performance Measurement Technology – Introductory and Advanced Methods, John Chong, MD
  Bertea Hall 109 – Shanley Choral Room The Glamor & Grit of Singing Seniors: Maintaining/Restoring Vocal Success in Aging Singers, Lucinda Halstead, MD
  Oliphant Hall 301 Who Do You Think I Am? Fame, Identity and Addictions, Nancy Sobel, PsyD
  Salmon Recital Hall Body Mapping in Action: Finding Movement to Prevent Injury and Enhance Musicians’ Performance, Ruth Kasckow, MFA
3:45 Musco Lobby, Mezzanine Lvl Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break
4:00-5:15  WORKSHOPS (concurrent)
  Partridge 107 Strengthening and Principles of Functional Progression for Upper Extremity Weight-bearing in Dance, Robert Tsai, SPT, BA
  Bertea Hall 109 – Shanley Choral Room Laryngeal Myofascial Release - Demonstration of the Assessment and Treatment of Vocalists, Sajid Surve, DO
  Salmon Recital Hall Kinesio Taping for Musicians, Tina Wang, MD
4:00-5:30 Oliphant Hall 103 –Crean Orchestral Self-care, Self-medication and the Veil of Addiction, Susan Raeburn, PhD
4:00-5:30 Oliphant Hall 301 Research Workshop:
PAM Grants: How to Seek and Apply for Opportunities to Fund PAM Research and Programs

PAMA Research Committee, Esther Nolton, MEd, LAT, ATC, CSCS (Chair)
5:15/5:30   Adjourn

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Time Location PLENARY   Time Location WORKSHOPS
8:00 am Memorial Registration        
8:30 Memorial Opening Remarks, Robin Kish, 2018 Symposium Co-chair; Jennie Morton, 2018 Symposium Co-chair        
8:45 Memorial Blurred Lines:  Maintaining Professional Boundaries with Uniquely Vulnerable Clients, H. Steven Sims, MD        
9:00 Memorial Knee Impact Forces in Two Technical Approaches to the Jazz/Contemporary Knee Drop, Chad Van Ramshorst, DPT   9:00-10:15  Pool Weekly Aquatic Exercise and its Potential for Prevention and Rehabilitation Applications with Dancers, Leigh Schanfein, MS
9:15 Memorial Learning the Ropes: Evaluation and Treatment of Aerial Artists, Emily Scherb, DPT        
9:30 Memorial Systematic Literature Review of Health and Fitness of Actors, Eric Martin, PhD        
9:45 Memorial What are the Current Understandings of, and Attitudes Towards Vocal Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology in Student Singers and Sin, Anneliese Sayes, MBChB        
10:00 Memorial Ph.D. in Music with Concentration in Performing Arts Health, Kris Chesky, PhD        
10:15 Memorial Ballet Dance Instructors and Female Dancers’ Perception of Dance-related Pain and Injury: Survey Study, Kimberly Veirs, MPT, BS        
10:30 Lobby Student Research Showcase Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break        
11:00 Memorial Existing Validated Outcome Measures: When and Where to Use What, Esther Nolton, MEd, LAT, ATC, CSCS   11:00-12:15 pm (concurrent) Salmon Recital Hall Integrative Acupuncture for Artists, Bridget Chin, MD; Lauren Elson, MD
11:30 Memorial Applications of Epidemiologic Research Data in the Classical Guitar Studio Setting, Nabeel Zuhdi, PhD, MM, DHS     Bertea Hall 109 – Shanley Choral Room It Takes a Village! Tools to Train Breathing and Behavioral Strategies for Preparing Performers to Walk on Stage, Deanna McBroom, MM
11:45 Memorial Management of Acetabular Labral Pathology in Ballet Students: A Review, Meredith Dake, DPT (presented by Erin Hayden)     Oliphant Hall 103 –Crean Orchestral Musicians’ and Dancers’ Joint Hypermobility: New Tools for Today’s Clinical Practice, Cliffton Chan, PhD, BSPT, GCEd, GDMus and Leslie Nicholson, BSPT, GDipSportsSci, PhD
12:00 pm Memorial Curriculum Development for Performing Arts Medicine in Primary Care, Susan Arjmand, MD     Oliphant Hall 301 How to Build an "On Tour"-age for the Touring Vocal Performer, Chandler Thompson, DMA, MS
12:15 Memorial Functional Impact of HIV/AIDS on the Performing Artist, Jennifer Yang, MD        
12:30   Lunch (MPPA Editorial Board Meeting)        
2:00 Memorial Development of Successful Inter-professional Teams, Focused on Care of the Voice and Performing Artist: A Panel Discussion, Lindsay Reder, MD   2:00-3:15 (concurrent) Oliphant Hall 103 –Crean Orchestral Research to Practice: Interpreting, Reporting,Visualizing, and Applying Time-Series Biomechanical Data in Performing Arts Health, James Ford, III, DMA
2:30 Memorial What do we know about how Fatigue Affects Dancers? Danielle Jarvis, PhD     Bertea Hall 109 – Shanley Choral Room Anatomy and Physiology of Vibrato and Diaphragmatic Breathing: Methods for Teaching, Allison Shearer, MOT
2:45 Memorial We're all in this Together: The Nonprofit Response to Addressing Unmet Needs among Performers, James Morris, PhD, MSW     Oliphant Hall 301 Joint Hypermobility Syndrome in the Performing Artist, Janice Ying, DPT, BA
3:00 Memorial Roles of Service Organizations Panel - MusiCares, Actors Fund, Dance Resource Center     Oliphant Hall 201 The Mindful Performer: The Application of Mind-Body Practices in Relieving Performance-Related Musculoskeletal Pain, Landrew Sevel, PhD
3:45 Lobby Student Research Showcase Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break     Salmon Recital Hall Music Ergonomics: A Practical Approach, Gail Schwarz, Bmus
4:00 Memorial PAMA Annual General Meeting        
5:00 Memorial Adjourn        

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Time Location PLENARY   Time Location WORKSHOPS
        8:00-9:15 am (concurrent) Bertea Hall 109 – Shanley Choral Room Demystifying Vocal Health, Michael Johns, MD
8:15 am Memorial Characterization and Classification of a Little-known Performance Disorder in Wind Musicians, Eric Wallace, MM     Salmon Recital Hall Pranayama for Performers: Breath Awareness as a Path to Wellness & Creativity, Michael Lahue, MA, MT-BC, RYT
8:30 Memorial Disempowering Shame, Enabling Resilience: Healthy Actor Training Case Study, Mark Seton, PhD     Oliphant Hall 103 –Crean Orchestral The Use of 3D Motion Analysis to Assess the Art of Ballet: an Interactive Lab, Kevin Robinson, PT, DSc
8:45 Memorial Educating PAM Practitioners: Rewards and Challenges, Hara Trouli, MD     Oliphant Hall 301 Fixing the Hole – an Integrated Approach in Professional and Non-professional Laryngeal Examination, Valentina Carlile, DO
9:00 Memorial Utilizing the Job Description of a Professional Ballet/Contemporary Dancer for Successful Return to Work, Jennifer Janowski, PT, DScPT        
9:15 Memorial Creating and Maintaining Resiliency in Musicians, Kathleen Riley, PhD, MM, BMus   9:30-10:45 (concurrent) Oliphant Hall 103 –Crean Orchestral Negotiating Pain and Discomfort: Habituating Resilience through Vulnerability, Mark Seton, PhD
9:30 Memorial Measurable Effects of Body Mapping Workshop on Piano Performance, Teri Slade, MA, Bmus     Oliphant Hall 201 Reconnecting: Applying Biotensegrity for Improved Outcomes, Stephanie Davidson, MEd, DC
9:45 Memorial Health and Wellbeing for Musicians: Course Development and Evaluation, Jane Ginsborg, PhD, BMus, BSc, DipGSMD     Salmon Recital Hall The Intersection of Music and Psychology in Working with Performing Artists in Trauma, Margret Elson, MA, BA
10:00 Memorial Hand Span and Muscle Activity Levels on Pianos with Different Sized Keyboards, Ju-Yang Chi, PT, MSc     Oliphant Hall 301 Manual Therapy in Muscle Tension Dysphonia in Professional Singers and Actors, Heike Schemmann, MSc, BSc
10:15 Memorial Measuring Altered Movement Patterns of Musicians - Accuracy of a Motion Capturing System Outside Laboratory Conditions, Nikolaus Ballenberger, PhD, PT, MPH, MSc        
10:30 Lobby Student Research Showcase Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break        
11:00 Memorial The Use of Hand Dynamometry and Motion Analysis in the Preseason Injury Screen of Professional Ballet Dancers, Kevin Robinson, PT, DSc        
11:15 Memorial The Performance Wellness Seminar: An Integrative Music Therapy Approach to Preventing Performance-Related Disorders, Michael Lahue, MA, MT-BC, RYT        
11:30 Memorial How Useful is an Online Tool to Monitor Physical Health in Pre-professional Dancers? Feasibility Study, Irja Zeper, MA (Presented by Stephanie Keizer-Hulsebosch, MA)        
11:45 Memorial Closing Remarks        
12:00 pm Memorial Symposium Adjourn        

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Poster Sessions (Saturday and Sunday) Musco Lobby, Mezzanine Lvl

An Introduction to the Movement Art of Eurythmy-Space as a Prism of Gestural Intention, Gabrielle Armenier, MA

Pressure Pain Assessments of a Previously Injured and Non-Injured Dancer Prior to and Following Eccentric Exercise, James Brouner, MSc, BSc

MusicCohort: Physical and Psychological Profile of Music Students in Alberta, Canada, Julius Bruder, BSc (presented by Christine Guptill, PhD)

Ballet Saves Lives! – A Case Series of Adult Dancers, Wendy Coates, MD

The Effect of Mid-flight Rotation on Landing Mechanics, Meghan Critchley, BFA

Health Concerns of Drag Queen Performing Artists, a Pilot Study, Kathleen Davenport, MD

Focal Hand Dystonia in Musicians: A Systematic Review Assessing the Effectiveness of Neuromuscular Re-education Programs, Ashley Enke, OTD, OTR/L

Occurrence of Injury in Various Levels of Ballroom Dancers, Elizabeth Franklin, PT

Functional Movement of Violinists: The Effects of Warm Up on Injury Prevention, Jennifer Holbein, MS

Defining the Job Description of a Professional Ballet/Contemporary Dancer, Melody Hrubes, MD

Team Around The Artist: A Unique Integrative Approach of Education, Research, and Health Support within an Arts University, Stephanie Keizer-Hulsebosch, MA

Perceptions of Social Support and the Role of Online Platforms amongst Injured Dancers, Kristina Marquez, MSc

The Brain in Pain: Exploring the Different Dimensions of a Dancer's Pain Experience, Madison McGrew, MSc, BFA, BS

Physiological Demands of Brazilian Zouk Social Dance, Simona Moravcikova, MSc

Empowering a 'Well' Musician from Inception to Demise, Emma Peake, MA, GTCL

Considerations and Strategies for an Effective Comprehensive Warm Up, Alexandra Pooley, MSc

Validation of a Balance Beam Task as Tool to Investigate Balance Impairments in Collegiate Dancers, Kelli Sharp, DPT

Diagnosis of Bilatreral Cellulitis in a 19-year-old Tenor Drummer: A Case Study, Jani Springer, MS, BS

Physical and Mental Health Problems in Pre-professional Musicians, Suze Steemers, MSc

Hearing Disorders between Classical and Non-classical Professional Singers: A Pilot Study, Aikaterini Vardonikolaki, MD

Ride a Backwards Bicycle: Creating New Brain Pathways to Tackle Musician’s Focal Dystonia, Joanna Cowan White, DMA

The German Version of the Musculoskeletal Pain Intensity and Interference Questionnaire for Musicians (MPIIQM-G), Christoff Zalpour, PhD

Saturday | Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Poster Sessions | Student Research Showcase

Student Research Showcase - Poster Sessions (Monday and Tuesday) Memorial Lobby

The Effect of Dancers’ Clothing on Perception of Performance Ability, Mariah Brewer, BFA

Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQoL) and Injury Incidence in Dancers, Victoria Fauntroy, ATC                 

Comparing Perceived and Actual Cognitive Lateral Bias in University Dance Majors, Haley Nigro, BFA

Injury Management and Health Care Access in University-level Musicians and Athletes: a Comparative Study, Danielle Olmstead, BSc

University Dance Majors and the Evolution of Their Fitness between Freshman and Senior Year as Shown by an Annual Fitness Screen, Maeve Talbot, SPT, BFA


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