Presentation File Upload

Please review the guidelines before submitting your file. Click to view guidelines

PowerPoint Submission

PowerPoint Submission

Website submissions for presentation files is now closed. If you wish to submit any additional files:

All presentation files must be delivered on-site the day before you present.

Speakers cannot use their own computers.

To submit a presentation file on-site:
Any presentations (and all supporting audio and video files) must be delivered on a labeled flash drive dedicated to your presentation to a staff member at the registration desk NO LATER THAN 3:00 PM THE DAY BEFORE your presentation. No other files should be on this flash drive or we cannot guarantee that we can find your files. You may retrieve your flash drive at the registration desk the day of your presentation.
We cannot guarantee any opportunity to test your presentation on our conference computers.

Please see Speaker Guidelines, first section, Presentation Guidelines – Live/Plenary Sessions, for further requirements about presentation files.


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