36th Annual PAMA International Symposium

Glamour and Grit: Building An Entourage for Health

Chapman University
Orange, California, USA

Saturday, June 30 - Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The theme for our 2018 symposium is oriented around combining all the facets that facilitate improved health support in the arts, to ensure that performing artists' needs are addressed from all angles. These include:

Health education in performing arts training (physical and psychological)
Access to appropriate health care
Training & educating Performing Arts Medicine specialists to meet the needs of this population
Addressing the cultural biases that perpetuate unhealthy habits/ practices in the arts
Creating safe working environments for performers

Educational Objectives

  1. Identify current determinants of mental and physical health in performers that contribute to harmful lifestyle choices, injuries and illness in performing artists of all kinds.
  2. Apply emerging research and treatment options emphasizing concepts of neuroplacticity and integrative medicine for psychological health.
  3. Share specific best practices in assessment tools, treatment applications, and implications for the performing arts clinician.
  4. Describe and increase awareness of performers’ risk and lifestyle factors leading to substance use disorders, eating, mood and anxiety disorders and the treatments available.
  5. Integrate education and information about the potential health risks of human performance and related environments in the care of both students and professional performing artists.
  6. Define and review the role of community based organizations supporting the health and wellness of performing artists.
  7. Summarize and apply emerging best practices in integrative medicine in the management of chronic pain conditions in performing artists.
  • Review the definition of pain; distinguish the difference between acute and chronic pain and review different management techniques.
  • Review non-medication pain management options and techniques to prevent pain.
  • Discuss the ongoing evolution of pain management and how it applies to performing artists.

Target Audience

The PAMA symposium is designed to meet the research and practice needs of physicians, therapists, athletic trainers, educators, artistic directors, and other health care and performing arts professionals who seek to improve the well-being of performing artists.

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