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This is a difficult time for all of us, but it is especially devastating to the performers whose livelihood is already dependent on touring, festivals and gigs and whose income in normal times barely covers their cost of living. In addition, many performing artists have no health insurance or will lose their health insurance when they stop working. The New Yorker published an article this week on the bleak outlook for performing artists – musicians, dancers, actors and others –in the coming weeks and months.


The answer lies in an amazing network in which PAMA now belongs. Ralph and I participated in the“INVITATION-ONLY SUMMIT ON HEATH CARE COVERAGE AND ACCESS FOR MUSICIANS” from March 4-6, 2020. Together we were able to raise awareness of how PAMA can provide resources to help performers regain peak performance through PAMA’s assistance with specialty care referral.  It was exciting to have 3 other PAMA members present and sharing their expertise in care for performing artists– Bethany Bultman integral as both a Summit Co-Chair and CEO of the New Orleans Musician’s Clinic,  Randy Dick representing AATA/ACSM and Jennie Morton representing Healthy Performers Clinic.


The link to this pdf will allow you to quickly see names and locations of conference presenters, which in turn will help you quickly navigate the linked directory, where you can find email and other contact information for the wonderful organizations in your community dedicated to providing basic health care and assistance to artists.  Please give in any way you are able.

Some of us may also be in a position to provide low- or no-cost health care for performing artists who have lost their health insurance. Some of this will be for performance-related health problems, but there will also be a need for primary care and specialty care services.

For those interested, anyone can register for the video archive of the Summit presentations at no cost here: This website will allow you to easily see who presented at the conference but does not provide contact information.
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