PAMA Notes - March 26, 2012

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30th Annual PAMA Symposium and Gala Celebration - Don't Miss It!

Since the first PAMA Symposium 30 years ago there have been tremendous developments and expansion in the field of Performing Arts Medicine.  The 2012 meeting will reference our history as we focus on the wealth of knowledge and experience in current practice and research.  The symposium will culminate with several new exciting research initiatives that look ahead to the next 30 years.

Join us for a Gala Celebration on July 28, 2012 at the annual Symposium to honor leaders and performers who have made unique contributions to the field of Performing Arts Medicine and enhanced the performing arts community. 

We are honoring a stellar list of individuals who have made contributions to the advocacy of Performing Arts Medicine: Alice Brandfonbrener and Richard Lederman, founding members of PAMA; legendary ballet dancer Jacques d'Amboise; concert violinist Cho Liang (Jimmy) Lin; Alan Fletcher, CEO of the Aspen Music Festival; and Terry Lewis, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute.

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Celebrity Chef at Viceroy

This summer at the 30th PAMA symposium, we will have a celebrity chef among us and preparing our meals. Be sure to attend the Gala to see what Chef Will Nolan will prepare!

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NASM Collaboration Reaching New Heights

This last year marked a major milestone in PAMA's outreach and collaboration efforts with other associations and organizations sharing our common interest to take care of our performing artists. One such collaboration we are particularly proud of is our work with NASM.

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PAMA Member Sang-Hie Lee's Book on Research for Musicians is Published


Scholarly Research for Musicians: A Comprehensive Strategy
New York, New York: McGraw Hill Company, 2012.
ISBN: 0078040345
Contact: Cortney Overstreet

This book introduces comprehensive approaches to different types of music research. The common concepts as well as disparate and specific research techniques for sub disciplines of music study are covered within eighteen chapters. This book is intended to teach musicians, music educators, music theorists and philosophers to be able to communicate amongst each other with the common scholarly language and conception.

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Upcoming Events

Principles of Dance Medicine: Clinical Management of the Dancer Patient

Continuing Medical Education Course
July 12 - 15, 2012
NYU Langone Medical Center, Farkas Auditorium
New York, New York
Audience: Physicians, allied healthcare professionals, somatic practitioners, dance teachers
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Or, contact Harkness Center for Dance Injuries

Ballet: Why and How?

September 13 - 15, 2012

Visit the website
Or, contact Fay Nenander, Conference Administrator at
This conference will provide an international forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise concerning the role of Ballet in the 21st Century.

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