PAMA Notes - August 2016 (Letter to Members)

Dear PAMA Member,

It was my great honor to begin my 2-year term as President of PAMA at the Annual General Meeting in New York City.  The conference was a great success, a Sold-Out Show!  And, our membership continues to grow, now at nearly 400.  How exciting!

My introduction to Performing Arts Medicine (PAM) was during a medical school rotation with Dr. Alice Brandfonbrener.   During that month, I studied the health status and performing-related conditions of Blues Musicians in Chicago and compared the findings in this population to previously published research on orchestral musicians.  Since then, PAMA has provided a platform for me to explore my interests in clinical care, education, and research aspects of PAM.

PAMA is your platform to “promote the highest quality of care to all performing artists and bringing to that care an appreciation of the special needs of performing artists; to develop educational programs designed to enhance the understanding and prevention of medical problems related to the performing arts; to promote communication among all those involved in the health care and well-being of performing artists; and to foster research into the etiology, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of medical problems of performing artists.”

To help promote networking and communication, PAMA Notes will have a new feature section called "Member Playbill". Members are encouraged to email their PAM-related conferences, performances, etc to Dorry Allen so that these activities may be shared with the rest of the membership.

PAMA’s Mission is inclusive of the diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise of our members.  The talented individuals who serve as Committee Chairs have ownership of creating measurable goals that align with PAMA’s Mission.  The Chairs are responsible and accountable to achieve their goals.  Through the Committees, PAMA members have an opportunity to develop PAMA with their creativity, initiative, and energy.

Each member is encouraged to engage! in the organization by  contacting a Committee Chair or Julie Massaro, our Executive Director, and participating on the committee(s) of interest to them. Over the next 2 years, I look forward to PAMA developing through YOUR creativity, initiative, and energy. 

Marc Brodsky, MD
President, PAMA
The following is a list of the Committee Chairs:
By Laws – Chair, Kathryn Ananda-Owens; Vice Chair, George Shybut
Development – Chair, Kathleen Riley
Education – Chair, Christine Guptill
Executive – Chair, Marc Brodsky, John Chong, Nancy Kadel, Ralph Manchester, Clay Miller
Research – Chair, Esther Chou
Long Range Planning – Chair, Ralph Manchester 
Nominating – Chair, Nancy Kadel 
Membership – Chair, Jennie Morton; Vice Chair, Julie Kirchen
Symposium – 2016 Committee:  George Shybut, John Chong, Jennie Morton; 2017 Committee:  Jason Hu, Susan Raeburn, Marc Brodsky, Ralph Manchester 
Referrals – Chair, Nancy Kadel
Young Professionals – Chair, Melissa Hatheway
Liasons – International (Bronwen Ackermann), NASM (John Chong, Julie Massaro), Athletes and Arts/ACSM (Clay Miller, Randy Dick, Julie Massaro), IADMS (Jeff Russell), Disney (Julie Kirchen), MTNA (Gail Berenson), NATS (Deanna McBroom)
Historian – Susan Harman

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