Friday, June 19, 2020

  7:30 am Registration
  8:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks - Kathleen Davenport, MD and Bethany Bultman, 2020 Symposium Co-Chairs
Presidents Remarks - Ralph Manchester, MD, PAMA President
  8:30 Music Keynote Address - Michael White, PhD
  9:30 - 10:30 Concurrent Sessions
    9:30 - 10:30
  9:30 Prioritizing Access to Healthcare for all Performing Artists: The relevance and outcomes of Medicaid Expansion and the Affordable Care Act, Megan McStravick, MSW
  9:45 Musicians for a Smoke-Free Louisiana: The Voice and Sound of Local Campaigns, Tonia Moore, MS
  10:00 Are there mental risk factors for injuries among contemporary dance students? Diana van Winden, MSc
  10:15 Curriculum-based psychological skills training: Enhancing practice and psychological wellbeing in music and dance students, Liliana Araújo, PhD

9:30 - 10:30
Workshops / Roundtables (Concurrent, pick one)

Enacting a manifesto for healthy changes in the acting profession, Mark Seton, PhD

Vocal Health Promotion in Private Instruction and Clinical Settings for Young Adults 13-18 Years Old, Natasha Bekker, BA, MM

Postural Assessment in Musicians: Quick Screening Delivers a Big Impact, Cindy Munday, PT, MPT; Kristen Schuyten, PT, DPT, SCS

  10:30 Panel
Every Breath You Take: How to overcome hidden risks, Chandler Thompson,DMA,MS,CCC-SLP (moderator); Cynthia Hallett, MPH; Brian King, PhD, MPH (CDC)
  11:30 - 1:15 pm Welcome Brunch with Jazz Band Second Line & Drag Performances (guests are welcome to attend)
  1:30 pm

Actor Keynote Address

Inviting "No" into the Creative Process - Consent & Safe Intimacy Practices, Teniece Divya Johnson, MFA, MA, Intimacy Coordinator/Director

  2:30 - 3:30 pm Concurrent Sessions
    2:30 - 3:30
  2:30 Disability in Instrumentalists: A survey and exploration of needs and ergonomic solutions, Shreya Rangarajan, BS, MSc
  2:45 Building Lasting Partnerships for Injury Prevention of the Performing Arts Student, Paola Savvidou, DMA, NCTM; Kristen Schuyten, PT, DPT, SCS
  3:00 The Music Teacher: the First Line of Defense in Music-Related Disorders, William Dawson, MD
  3:15 Effect of injury prevention education on reducing injury in students at an intensive summer music program, Aviva Wolff, EdD, OT

2:30 - 3:30
Workshops / Roundtables (Concurrent, pick one)

“Just Breathe”: Anatomically informed breathing techniques can improve performance outcomes for wind players and singers, Christine Clancy, BSc, MM, PGDip

Roundtable: Crafting policies for inclusion and diversity in the Performing Arts, Jason Hu, MD

  3:15 - 4:30 Site Visit [Bourbon Street]: Bourbon St.'s Acoustic Battlefield, Kris Chesky, PhD (Space is limited, pre-registration required)
  3:30 Poster Presentations with Authors (click to view) - Networking - Break
  4:00 - 5:00 Concurrent Sessions
    4:00 - 5:00
  4:00 Preventing And Healing Piano Injuries Through Coordinated Movement, Rachel Bussey, BM
  4:15 Healthy Touring: Developing a health promotional intervention with musicians, Claire Cordeaux, BA, MSc
  4:30 Prevention in Opera Theatre: A Way to Safer Premiere, Orietta Calcinoni, MD
  4:45 Injury prevention among professional ballet dancers – a qualitative study, Elizabeth Balyakina, DO, MPH, MS, BFA

4:00 - 5:00
Workshops (Concurrent, pick one)

Aimed at Living – The Art of Surviving and Thriving in the “Lockdown Generation”, John McKenna, BA

Research Committee Workshop, Serap Bastep-Gray, PAMA Research Committee

Human Performance/Health Promotion Workshop - Preserving the Health of Preservation Hall Musicians, John Chong, MD, FRCP

    Evening Opportunities
    PAMA Happy Hours - More information to be announced

Cultural Suggestions:

Walk from Omni Royal to the Jazz Cruise Riverboat

Concert at Snug Harbor

Preservation Hall

Poster Presentations Friday, June 19, 2020

Satisfaction and Identity of Undergraduate Music and Engineering Students, Benjamin Dufour

A Kinematic Description of the Upper Limbs While Playing the Drums, Jessica Flammia, BHK

Awareness and interest in Performing Arts Health among educators and students in Chinese schools of music, Xiaoyue Liu, MM

Identity and Burnout in Dancers and Musicians, Kristiina Lugus, ATC, BS

Perceived Academic Stress and Associated Factors in Collegiate Music Students, Brian McGoldrick, MM

Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum- Adjusting Traditional Psychotherapeutic Paradigms for Creatives, Holly McKenney, DSW, LCSW, BACS

Mindful music: Effects of a mindfulness intervention on music students’ practice and well-being, Abigail Shepard, BS

Predictors of Acculturative stress among International Performance Major Students, Jingshu Zhao, BA, DMA, MM, Haoyue Liang, BA, MM, DMA

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