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Award Information

Scholarship Information



The Alice G. Brandfonbrener-Young Investigator Award, (AGB Award), is given to an investigator in recognition of recently completed original research.  The recipient is either still enrolled or is a recent graduate of an educational, training or residency program.  The research and paper is usually the result of one of the first significant studies made by the author.  The research and paper is not previously published to be considered for this award.

A $300 honorarium is awarded to the recipient of the AGB Award.  In addition, a stipend is provided for travel expenses to the Symposium on Medical Problems of Performing Artists to present the paper.

At the Symposium, the time allotment for presentation is 25 minutes for the lecture and an additional 5 minutes for questions.  The President of PAMA will introduce the award winner and present the award.


  1. Submissions will be made by November 30th, by e-mail.  Notification will be made in January. 
  2. Papers may be edited for publication in PAMA’s peer-reviewed journal, Medical Problems of Performing Artists.
  3. Papers will follow the guidelines and abide by PAMA policies, that include but not limited to:
    1. Acknowledgement of any and all financial support received,
    2. The research must have received approval from the appropriate Internal Review Board (IRB),
    3. Complete contact information will be provided with the submission.


  1. Candidates must be currently enrolled or recent graduate of an accredited educational, training, or residency program (such as, but not limited to MD, PhD, MA, MS, DO, PT, OT, etc., and the training program is approved by the PAMA Board of Directors).  Confirmation of attendance in/or graduation from the program director may be requested.  The candidate should be the primary author of the work.
  2. AGB Award candidates must verify their intent of attending the Symposium on Medical Problems of Performing Artists, if selected for this award.
  3. Candidates who do not receive the AGB Award may be invited to submit an abstract based on their work, to present at the Symposium on Medical Problems of Performing Artists.  No honorarium or reimbursement of expenses will be given for non-recipients of the AGB Award.


  1. Any research in the area of performing arts medicine, such as, but not limited to surveys, studies, and outcome information, is acceptable.  For questions about the appropriateness of the topic or process, contact PAMA at
  2. The work should be submitted as a summary in 5 to 7 pages and not as a full thesis. The submission is not an abstract.  The final paper, if selected may be edited before acceptance into the syllabus for the Symposium on Medical Problems of Performing Artists.
  3. Original research involving human subjects must be reviewed and approved by a research ethics committee [also known as an ethics review board, institutional review board ('IRB'), or human subjects committee].
  4. Format should include

name of author(s) with degree(s)
city, state, country

  • English, single spaced, one-inch margins
  • Times New Roman, 12 point font preferred


No faxes will be accepted.

  • A paper submission with an electronic copy on a disk can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 440301
Aurora, CO 80044-0301   USA

  • Information to accompany the submission will include:

Last Name/Family Name-
First Name/Given Name-
List Program of recent attendance or graduation-

Your Postal Address-            
Your E-mail Address-            
Telephone or Cell Phone Number-

Which of the above is your preferred method of contact?

  • If your research involved human subjects, please include one of the following statements that discloses your study:
    [  ] My study was reviewed and approved by a research ethics committee
    [  ] My presentation does not describe original research involving human subjects

  • Answer the following and include with your submission:

What are your areas of interest in Performing Arts Medicine?

List any practical experience that you have in Performing Arts Medicine.

For more information or questions, contact:

Dorry Allen
Telephone:  303-283-6457

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This scholarship is in memory of the late Dr. Martin Brandfonbrener of Chicago, Illinois.

Criteria for selection:

  • Candidates will be Medical or Osteopathic students in their third or fourth year.
  • Preference will be given to students who have studied one of the performing arts.

The award includes:

  • Tuition waiver for the Symposium on Medical Problems of Performing Artists
  • Stipend of $250 toward  expenses for travel to Snowmass for the Symposium


TO APPLY: Submit the below application by March 15.


Name:                                                                          Degree(s):   


City:                                                                State:                          Zip:   



Tel or Cell: 

Student Status:            

Academic Iinstitution


1.  What are your areas of interest and why do you want to learn about performing arts medicine?


2.  List any background or study in any of the performing arts.


Send your application by e-mail to

Or, mail an original with an electronic disk to:

PO Box 440301
Aurora, CO 80044-0301 USA   

For more information:

Dorry Allen
Telephone:  303-283-6457

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